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Our Work

At Explorer we have carried out a wide range of jobs from supplying and fitting tubes for our contract customers to large, off-site jobs requiring new tubes to be designed and built.

Inteceptor/Protector Retubes

We have carried out of a number of retubes on Inteceptor and Protector 12m RIBs including old Police boats. The original Hypalon tubes were over 20 years old, with new ones attached they are like new boats. These jobs were all completed on-location from Whangarei to Nelson.

Rawinia after Retube_edited.jpg

Port Taranaki Pilot Boat

Our largest Retube to-date at 17m in length and 900mm in diametre, this is where our digital technology comes to the fore allowing us to design the tube and CNC cut it for an accurate fit. As this RIB is operating in extreme conditions we imported the highest grade Hypalon available from our Belgium Supplier, Orca.


Contract Tubing

At Explorer our core business is building and fitting tubes for our contract customers. The hull comes into our factory and we attach the tube and all its components. Some our customers include Smuggler, Salthouse, Family Boats (Assault & LaserRIB), Rayglass (Protector), Fusion Marine


Bespoke Projects

While Hypalon tubes tend to go on larger RIBs, due to its durability and strength, we do a wide variety of other work including bespoke projects working closely with our customers.

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